A feeling of throbbing, tingling or numbness in a region of the body, without an apparent physical effect. In some cases, the affected area may feel like it is being pricked by pin or needles. A number of conditions can cause paresthesia, including diseases of the nervous, immune and circulatory systems, infections, and diabetes. In oncology, paresthesia can appear as a side effect of treatment, especially of some chemotherapy drugs, such as:

  • Oxaliplatin;
  • Cisplatin;
  • Paclitaxel;
  • Docetaxel;
  • Vincristine.

In some cases, reducing the dose of chemotherapy or molecular targeting drug may be sufficient for partial improvement of paresthesia. In other cases, temporary interruption of treatment may be necessary. Drugs for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced paresthesia are still under study.

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