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Telemedicine is a modality of medicine that performs follow-up calls and questions in general remotely. It is indicated for patients who cannot move and was widely used during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more!

Telemedicine consultation is a form of care that benefits patients who cannot travel to the clinic, either due to disease limitations or, at this time of a pandemic, due to care related to Covid-19. It is also helpful, throughout the treatment, in the solution of specific doubts that do not require face-to-face contact with the doctor – questions about medications and their adverse effects, for example.

Through Law 13.989/2020, telemedicine has been a practice regulated by the Federal Government since April 2020.

The resolution came after the emergency validation of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) due to the advance of Covid-19 and during the period in which the pandemic lasts, but it emerges as one of the legacies that must remain from this period that the world is experiencing. , as it is a safe alternative in the arsenal of possibilities for constant patient care.

Telemedicine in the Oncoclínicas Group

Grupo Oncoclínicas has its own exclusive platform for the practice of telemedicine: OC Telemedicine, in which care is provided with safety, comfort and the support of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), which guarantees confidentiality and security. of information.

Through OC Telemedicine, we bring the patient closer to care with their doctor, nurse, nutritionist, psychologist and pharmacist. Through it, it is also possible to clarify specific doubts, such as questions about drugs and their adverse effects.

We have more than 850 physicians from the clinical staff and the multidisciplinary team, spread across more than 70 units in 11 Brazilian states. See what they are and schedule a teleconsultation with a professional who can do your service here.

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Benefits of telemedicine

The main benefits of teleconsultations are:

  • Strengthening the relationship between doctors, patients and families and caregivers;
  • The waiting room is in the comfort of wherever the patient is;
  • There is no risk of the patient being late for the appointment because of traffic;
  • Travel time savings;
  • More time for the patient to do what they want and need;
  • Professionals from the Oncoclínicas Group available to the patient;
  • Service according to the availability of the patient; and
  • Ensuring confidentiality and information security.

When and why schedule a telemedicine appointment?

Teleconsultation is especially important and useful for:

  • Clarify your doubts;
  • Follow-up of response to treatment;
  • Get a second expert opinion;
  • Medical reassessment;
  • Exam results;
  • Day-to-day guidelines, such as nutrition and physical exercise;
  • Screening and verification of when it is necessary to schedule a new face-to-face appointment.

Tips for making the teleconsultation a success:

Details can make all the difference for the practice of telemedicine to be satisfactory. Check out our guidelines:

  • Have the exams at hand and, if possible, in digital format – photographed or electronic file on the computer;
  • Make sure that the cell phone has enough battery or that the computer is connected to a reliable power source;
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection;
  • Connect to the OC Telemedicine platform 15 minutes before the appointment time – patients can stay in a virtual waiting room, where they also have an online concierge;
  • Try to be in a calm environment, without noise and without external interference during the consultation; and
  • If you have any problems with the connection or with the platform, notify the service unit so that a solution can be quickly found.