Mastology is the specialty dedicated to the mammary glands, one of the parts of the body most affected by cancer cells. Although it also affects men, it is rare in this case, but it is the most common type among women in Brazil. Know more.

Mastology is the medical specialty dedicated to the care of the mammary glands. The mastologist is, therefore, the doctor responsible for the study, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all conditions in the breasts. Among young women, the most frequent diseases that usually occur are those of a benign nature that manifest themselves mainly in late adolescence and early adulthood, when the body begins to produce more hormones. This is the case with diseases such as fibroadenomas (nodules) and asymmetries (when the breasts are different sizes). During the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the most common complaints concern infections such as mastitis.

Mastology X breast cancer

The mammary glands are one of the parts of the body most affected by cancer cells. Breast cancer also affects men, but they are in the minority. Breast cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells in the breast, which forms a tumor with the potential to invade other organs.

There are several types of breast cancer. Some grow quickly, while others grow slowly. Most cases, when treated properly and in a timely manner, have a good prognosis.

Nodule (lump), fixed and usually painless, is the main manifestation of the disease and is present in about 90% of cases. Other symptoms include reddened, contracted, or orange-peel-like breast skin, changes in the nipple (nipple), small lumps in the armpits or neck, and spontaneous outflow of abnormal fluid from the nipples.

Screening mammography (exam performed when there are no suspicious signs or symptoms) should be performed in women between the ages of 50 and 69, every two years. The guidance of the Ministry of Health, breast cancer can be detected in early stages, in most cases, thus increasing the possibility of less aggressive treatments and with satisfactory success rates.

All women, regardless of age, should be encouraged to know their bodies to know what is normal and what is not in their breasts. Most breast cancers are discovered by women themselves.




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