Psychology is one of the specialties of the multidisciplinary team for cancer treatment. The specialty deals with the psychological consequences of the diagnosis, the change in routine and the possible adverse effects of the treatment. Know more.

Diagnosis, change in routine, possible adverse effects of procedures during treatment and even the moment after discharge are factors that can affect a person with cancer emotionally. Insecurities, fears, traumas and inexplicable sensations need shelter. This is where the role of the psychologist comes in in the multidisciplinary team in the battle against the disease.

Grupo Oncoclínicas understands emotional support as essential for the success of the treatment, so it works with a concept of individualized assistance, which generates a great proximity with the patient, with the objective of not feeling alone. This attention extends to the family and support network of the person with cancer, who may also suffer from insecurities and fears and do not need – nor should they – go through this in silence.

The psychologists of the multidisciplinary team have the important role of rescuing and strengthening the patient’s mental health and self-esteem, opening space for listening, for mental reorganization in the face of so many changes and for the presentation of new meanings for each phase experienced along the journey against cancer. They also have the function of being attentive to signs that may make it necessary for other specialists to enter the treatment, such as the nutritionist, and to warn family members and caregivers whenever some emotional aspect inspires care also outside the clinic.

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