Dana-Farber Institute

The Oncoclínicas Group has an exclusive partnership in Brazil with the Dana-Farber Institute, affiliated to Harvard Medical School, one of the main cancer treatment and research centers.
Dana-Farber Institute

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, affiliated to Harvard Medical School, is one of the main centers for cancer treatment and research in the world. It is a global reference in the area, due to the adoption of the best clinical practices and the constant incorporation of new technologies to help fight cancer.

One of the characteristics of Dana-Farber’s clinical staff is the ultra-specialization, which is not restricted to the classical division into specialties, such as breast, lung, or hematology: there are oncologists who work with different types of breast cancer, for example, which ensures important gains in clinical practice.

In order for its patients and clinical staff to have access to the most modern cancer treatment, the Oncoclínicas Group has an exclusive partnership in Brazil with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. From the initial objective, which was to exchange experiences between the two centers with a focus on clinical education and training programs, we have advanced in other directions, which include professionals from other areas and joint research.

Every year, Oncoclínicas Group sends oncologists from several specialties for a training period at Dana-Farber, located in Boston (USA). Virtual forums to debate the most complex cases among the teams also help in the best choice of clinical conduct for each patient and in the exchange of experience among oncologists.

The partnership today also includes professionals such as nurses and pharmacists. The idea is to better qualify the teams that support the patient within the concept of multidisciplinary care that guides the Group’s actions in the constant search for best practices. Another evolution of the partnership involves research in oncology, especially in the lung and breast areas.

The joint work and the proximity between the Oncoclínicas Group and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ensure that the oncologists and other professionals are constantly updated about what is being developed in new therapies, and the patients have access to the best treatment available.