It consists of a decrease in the number of circulating red blood cells or a reduction in the concentration of hemoglobin in these cells. With this, there may be a decrease in the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the tissues, which can result in tiredness and pallor.

Anemia is a common side effect of chemotherapy. In some cases, reducing the chemotherapy dose may be sufficient to reverse anemia. In other cases, temporary interruption of treatment may be necessary. Currently, there are drugs that can prevent and treat anemia by stimulating the production of red blood cells. These drugs are known as hematopoietic growth factors. Another way to treat anemia is to perform a blood transfusion or the transfusion of packed red blood cells only.

In addition, bone marrow involvement by hematologic malignancies can also cause anemia. However, anemia can have many other causes, including several non-malignant diseases.

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