Oncology is the specialty responsible for the clinical and drug treatment of cancer in adults. It is this specialist who will indicate the best way to fight the tumor. Know more.

Oncology, also known as clinical cancerology, is the area of ​​medicine that studies and treats malignant tumors. While there are many types of cancer, they all start due to abnormal and out-of-control growth of cells, which is known as neoplasia. Oncology addresses the way each cancer develops in the body and the type of treatment best suited for each of them.

The oncologist is the specialized doctor who is responsible for diagnosing and monitoring the patient and his family, during and after cancer treatment, always looking for the best therapy with maximum quality of life.

But here, at Grupo Oncoclínicas, he does not work alone. In a more contemporary approach, it works together and integrated into multidisciplinary teams, which have the collaboration of surgeons, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists and nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, biomedical doctors, dentists and many other professionals.

Based on the involvement and sharing of the integrated actions of these teams, we seek individualized and safe assistance, respecting the needs and life history of each patient, for whom the most appropriate treatments will be indicated, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological and countless other possibilities.

Regardless of the choice of the best treatment, the fact is that a great change has occurred in the last 20 years: the improvement in the quality of life of cancer patients. Even when the disease is no longer localized, the patient can spend very long periods with the disease under control, receiving low-toxicity drugs and preserving their style and quality of life.

As cancer is a global challenge for humanity, there will always be new studies, research and treatments. There will always be advances and hope for those who, like us, unite for the lives of our patients.

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