Blue november

Blue November is a campaign that takes place every year with the aim of preventing and raising awareness about prostate cancer.
Blue november

Through the Instituto Oncoclínicas, informative and practical actions are promoted every year to encourage men to become aware of prostate cancer, encouraging annual visits to the urologist and screening tests for the disease from the age of 50 or earlier (the from 45) in patients who are of African descent or have first-degree relatives with this disease.

Prostate cancer is the most common malignant tumor among Brazilian men, second only to non-melanoma skin cancer. Even with prevention campaigns and warnings for carrying out tests that can detect prostate cancer at an early stage, many men are still reluctant to follow the screening recommendations.

Every year, Brazil registers more than 60 thousand new cases of prostate cancer and close to 15 thousand deaths caused by the disease. Lack of information, prejudice and shame are some of the reasons that lead the male public to leave aside simple, painless and fundamental procedures to identify the disease at an early stage.

In an attempt to change this reality, Grupo Oncoclínicas promotes Blue November, a month dedicated to bringing information to the public about the disease and the importance of carrying out tests that can detect prostate cancer early, increasing the chances of cure and enabling the adoption of less aggressive treatments.

Recent Campaigns

Check out the latest Blue November campaigns carried out by the Oncoclínicas Group.

Now it’s the men’s turn

In this campaign, card generators were created for women to also participate in prostate cancer prevention actions. The tool allowed sending messages reminding people about the care with the disease.

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Blue November 2021

What is your biggest dream?

The campaign warned of the need to maintain health and well-being so that dreams can be realized during life.

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Blue November 2020

Seven seconds that can save your life

With the participation of journalist Marcelo Tas, the campaign focused on the speed and ease of doing the prostate cancer detection test.

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Blue November 2019

Enough Excuses

Focusing on the prejudice that many men have in relation to the prostate cancer test, the campaign sought to demystify some of the myths involved in the test.

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Blue November 2018
Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

This is the second most common type of tumor among men in Brazil, with age being the main risk factor for the development of the disease.
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