Pancreatic cancer

What is the pancreas for?

The pancreas is one of the organs that make up the digestive and endocrine system. It has two main functions: one is to produce enzymes aimed at digestion and absorption of food and another is to generate insulin, responsible for controlling the level of blood glucose.

What are the main symptoms related to pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer is usually not symptomatic in early stages, due to its anatomical location. In more advanced stages, it may present with unexplained weight loss, general malaise, nausea, pain in the upper part of the belly or diffuse abdominal pain associated with changes in the color of the skin and the whites of the eyes – which can turn yellow -, alteration the color of the urine, which can be dark, and the stool, which is usually pale. Such changes can also be linked to liver pathologies, so they need to be evaluated by a specialist doctor for differential diagnosis.