Clinical Medicine

Clinical medicine encompasses several medical specialties in the treatment of diseases, prevention, and screening in adults other than surgery. In oncology, its role is in the patient's overall health during treatment. Learn more.
Clinical Medicine

What is clinical medicine?

An area that encompasses the content of several clinical specialties, and is considered one of the foundations of medicine. Clinical medicine includes the study of adult diseases but does not include surgery. Besides the care in the several areas of possible action, it also includes preventive and tracking actions.

In Brazil, doctors who specialize in clinical medicine are called general practitioners, working mainly in hospitals, but also in consulting rooms.  In most countries, however, the same area is called Internal Medicine and the specialists are called “internists”.

Internal medicine is very much concerned with prevention and diagnosis through routine examinations, identification of symptoms, and referral for examination and evaluation by specialist doctors. In addition, clinical medicine, even in oncology patients, continues to address the patient’s general health conditions.

On a day-to-day basis, the general practitioner is an important link for diseases to be detected and to be treated with other medical specialties. It is in routine consultation that serious problems can surface.

In the case of cancer detection or suspicion of a tumor, the general practitioner is one of the specialties that refers the patient for consultation with an oncologist. The specialty of Clinical Oncology is responsible for the treatment with drugs, of various types of cancer. Treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, as well as target-molecular therapies are used. [5]


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