Endocrinology is the specialty of medicine that deals with the endocrine glands, responsible for the hormones in the body. In oncology, it deals with tumors in this area, including thyroid and neuroendocrine cancers. Learn more.

Endocrinology is the medical specialty responsible for investigating and/or treating disorders that affect the endocrine glands, which in turn are responsible for the patient’s hormonal balance. Neuroendocrine cancers and thyroid cancer are investigated in this field of medicine, among others.

Types of endocrinological treatments

Endocrine therapy for breast cancer

Hormone therapy for breast cancer is mostly used to treat estrogen- or progesterone-sensitive tumors by blocking the binding of hormones to receptors on cancer cells or reducing the body’s production of hormones. The aim is to delay or stop the development of malignant cells.

In general, any tumor with hormone receptors can benefit from this therapy. 

Thyroid cancer treatment

In patients with thyroid cancer, in general, the therapy goes through three phases: surgical removal, called thyroidectomy, ablation of the remaining thyroid, and suppressive hormone therapy, which consists of replacing the hormones that are key to the balance of the human body and are lacking after total or partial removal of the thyroid gland.

Possible adverse effects

In the case of endocrine therapy for breast cancer and other cancers, the following are some of the possible side effects: hot flashes; vaginal discharge; vaginal dryness or irritation; fatigue; nausea and constipation; headache; joint and muscle pain; mood swings and depression; change in libido; impotence.

In terms of more serious (and less common) risks, the following have been reported: Osteoporosis; Cataract; Venous blood clots; Endometrial or uterine cancer; Heart attack and heart disease.


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