Endoscopy is a type of examination performed by the endoscope, a tube with a camera at the end, which allows you to observe, investigate and treat various diseases, including cancer, in organs such as the stomach, esophagus, pancreas and intestines. Learn more.

Endoscopy is a test performed using a thin, flexible tube with a camera at the end. The equipment called an ‘endoscope’ allows you to observe, investigate and treat the internal part of the digestive organs, such as the stomach, esophagus, pancreas and intestines in the case of various diseases, including the most varied types of cancer.

Endoscopy exams

Digestive endoscopy, divided into two main types of access, if performed by oral access, the upper part is investigated, popularly known as Upper Digestive Endoscopy (EDA), the main means used in the investigation of various cancers of the digestive tract, as well as a method chosen to aid in the treatment of tumors. For the access of the oral route we also have the Echoendoscopy (Endoscopic Ultrasound)

In cases where the lower digestive system is evaluated, it is called Colonoscopy. In this version, the introduction of the equipment occurs through the anus, to obtain a diagnosis or treat cancers of the rectum and intestine – colon, for example.

There is also: Bronchoscopy, endoscopy of the respiratory tract, which analyzes the region of the trachea, bronchi and part of the lungs.

Cystoscopy, which analyzes the urinary tract, the urethra region and bladder in general through a cystoscope.

Through endoscopic procedures. we can also work as a therapy against cancer through minimally invasive procedures, such as the endoscopic resection technique in the most diverse applications, whether in the removal of tumors, in the biopsy, or in the treatment of mucosal lesions.

Possible adverse effects of Endoscopy

In general, adverse reactions resulting from endoscopy exams are infrequent and very mild. Temporary discomfort may occur as nausea, gas or discomfort sometimes related to sedation, which passes with little time.


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