Medical specialties

Several medical specialties are involved in the treatment of cancer, such as radiotherapy, pediatric oncology, gynecology, among others, from diagnosis to post-treatment. Know more.
Medical specialties

Medical specialties are several fields of Medicine for the treatment of cancer patients in the area of ​​Clinical Oncology or Clinical Oncology. Focused on the study and clinical and drug treatment of Cancer and Malignant Tumors, the work is formed by a trio of fundamental medical specialties against the disease, which are: Oncological Surgery (or Surgical Oncology); Radio-oncology (or Radiotherapy); and Clinical Oncology.

There are also medical subspecialties in Oncology: Radiation Oncology; Surgical oncology; Medical oncology; Interventional Oncology; Gynecological Oncology; Pediatric Oncology; Neuro-oncology; Hemato-oncology and Uro-oncology.

Types of cancer treatments

  • The main medical procedures to treat cancer are: Surgery (among them, Biopsy, Staging, Curative Surgery, Partial Surgery, Palliative Surgery, Supportive Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Prophylactic Surgery);
  • Chemotherapy (Curative, Adjuvant, Neoadjuvant or Prior and Palliative);
  • Immunotherapy (Adoptive T Cells, Checkpoint Inhibitors, Monoclonal Antibodies and Vaccines);
  • Targeted therapy (genes, proteins or the specific tissue environment of the tumor);
  • Radiotherapy (RT3D, RT2D, IMRT, REF, RCIR and IGRT);
  • Hormone Therapy (Surgery, Supraphysiological Dose, Enzyme Inhibitors, Anti-hormones), which can be applied in combination or separately.


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