Physiotherapy in cancer treatment acts in the recovery of patients who suffer with sequelae due to tumors or side effects of the treatment. It minimizes pain, muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass, among others. Find out more.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment may present dysfunctions or sequelae resulting from the underlying disease and/or the therapy used for its treatment. Physiotherapy makes up the multidisciplinary team and acts on the symptoms, minimizing complications such as pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, swelling, fibrosis, scar retraction and adhesion, decreased mobility, postural changes, and respiratory complications. The purpose is to preserve, maintain, or recover the functional integrity of the organs and systems, and consequently improve the well-being and quality of life of these people.

Within the philosophy of Grupo Oncoclínicas – to promote integral, complete and totally individualized care – the physiotherapist works together with the multidisciplinary team, acting in four pillars: promotion, screening, treatment and palliative care. It is worth pointing out that physical rehabilitation also impacts positively on the patients’ mental health.

Physical therapy can be included in the care of patients at any stage of treatment, but the earlier this occurs, the greater the chances of preventing complications, improving the patient’s health, and increasing the possibility of returning to day-to-day activities. The indications are determined according to the signs presented and the type of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or hormone therapy, for example).

Understand also how other specialists act, besides the oncologist, during the oncological treatment:

  • Psychology in cancer treatment
  • Nutrition in cancer treatment
  • Pharmacy in cancer treatment
  • Clinical Pharmacy in cancer treatment
  • Nursing in cancer treatment
  • Dentistry in cancer treatment
  • Dentistry in the treatment of cancer
  • Dermatology in the treatment of cancer
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