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About the Unit

About the Unit

Founded in 2000, Instituto de Hematologia e Oncologia de Curitiba (IHOC), currently Oncoclínicas Curitiba, joined the Grupo Oncoclínicas in 2017. The clinic offers comprehensive and individualized care to cancer patients, with medical consultations, outpatient cancer treatment (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted drugs, immunotherapy), supportive medications, medical follow-up during hospital stays, and a 24-hour emergency support medical team.

Our clinical staff is composed of professionals specialized in clinical oncology, surgical oncology and hematology, carefully selected for their technical quality and work ethic.

Together with the administrative team, we have more than 44 employees and 24 doctors working for the mission of fully caring for the patient, with excellence, humanism and ethics.

Oncoclínicas Curitiba offers all patients a complete multidisciplinary team, with a nursing, clinical pharmacy, psychology and nutrition team, complementing the necessary care during treatment.

Currently, Oncoclínicas Curitiba has a unit at Fagundes Varella, 1785 – in Jardim Social, and a service unit at Pilar Centro Médico, at Rua Paulo Graeser Sobrinho, 270 – São Francisco.

Technical Responsible: Dr. Adalberto Visco | CRM 6118BA


ONA Level 2
ONA Level 2
The institution, which received level 2 accreditation, meets the standards and requirements of patient safety and quality of care provided.
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