Clinical research

How it works

Clinical research is medicines, use, study, analysis or generation of information that determine safety and care, health devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens for human use. Know more.

Which is?

Clinical research is the acquisition, use, study, analysis or generation of identifiable private information or identifiable biospecimens. This collection determines the safety and effectiveness of medicines, healthcare devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens for human use – which can be used for prevention, treatment and diagnosis or to alleviate the symptoms of a disease.

As a result of this process, the scientific community obtains knowledge about drugs, procedures or methods that help human health and quality of life.

The execution of clinical research is based on compliance with the rules contained in a document called the Research Protocol. This document must contain the complete description of the research, with a clear exposition of its objectives. All this information is technically presented in the form of a “study design”. Research must be designed based on international regulations to ensure that it is carried out correctly within scientific, ethical and participant-respect standards.

The studies are proposed by pharmaceutical companies that finance and manage the project — Study Sponsors — in order to compare the efficacy and safety of the studied drug with other different treatments.

The Clinical Research Program of the Oncoclínicas Group has been developed since 2018, and today it has centralized management and the participation of seven of its units in Brazil. They are strategically located in the country, with the highest concentration in the Southeast region (MG, SP and RJ) – which represents the highest density of patients.

Our Program continues to expand, with the expectation of adding other units, enabling greater capillarity of service and distribution of studies.

Mission and vision

Our mission through clinical research is to beat cancer with development and participation in clinical studies, ensuring structure, resources and a qualified team to meet care and therapeutic needs with safety and quality.

Our vision is to consolidate the Oncoclínicas Group as a national and international reference in the Oncology Research Program.

Who can participate

Anyone who meets the profile required by the study (the so-called “eligibility criteria”) may be a volunteer and a potential participant in a clinical trial.

If you are a patient, meet the main criteria of a particular study and feel like being a research volunteer, your participation is entirely voluntary. This means that travel and meal expenses may be reimbursed on study visit days, but there will be no direct remuneration for your participation.

How to participate

Talk to your doctor and contact us through our service channels. Our team will make a first call to check if you can participate in a study that fits your profile.

It is important to note that your participation is completely voluntary.

You can also look for the Oncoclinical Research Unit closest to you.


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