OC Oncoclínicas NOB


Evaluation of neoantigens in patients with NRAS mutated melanoma


OC Oncoclínicas NOB

Principal investigator

André Barcelar



(71) 98314-0522/71 e 4009-7085/7086/7087

Inclusion criteria

Confirmed histological diagnosis of cutaneous or mucosal melanoma, stage III or IV according to AJCC 8th edition, BRAF wild type.

Availability of tumor tissue for analysis (primary or metastatic samples) at any stage of your treatment.

Life expectancy of more than three months (as per the best medical judgment).

Patient must agree to have their clinical data collected anonymously and samples sent to a foreign laboratory (WIS)

Participant must agree to return to the site for additional peripheral blood collection, if necessary.

Exclusion criteria

Medical, psychiatric, cognitive, or other conditions that may compromise the ability to understand the information provided (to the patient), the ability to provide informed consent, and adherence to the study protocol.

BRAF mutation melanomas


Juliana Cardoso
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