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Orange Summer

Orange Summer is a campaign that occurs every year with the objective of preventing and raising awareness about skin cancer, the most common cancer in Brazil
Orange Summer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Brazil, with about 185 thousand new cases a year, or 30% of the malignant tumors in the country, according to the National Cancer Institute (INCA). When discovered early on, it has more than 90% chances of cure. Non-melanoma skin cancer, the most common type of this disease, has a low lethality, but its numbers are very high. Rarer and more lethal, melanoma is very aggressive and difficult to treat if not diagnosed early on. Excessive exposure of the skin to the sun is the main cause of the neoplasm.

Although there are advances in science and medicine that guarantee treatments, quality of life, and well-being to patients with skin cancer, the best ways to fight the disease are prevention and active surveillance to identify possible warning signs.

Aware of this reality, throughout summer Oncoclínicas Group dedicates itself to spreading information about skin cancer, its causes, and how to prevent it. Every year, through the Oncoclínicas Institute, actions and campaigns are promoted in the social networks to make the population aware of the risks of the disease.

During Orange Summer, the main objective is to draw people’s attention to the factors that prevent the onset of the disease, such as avoiding sunbathing at certain times of the day and using sunscreen, and to the need to create the habit of observing one’s own skin and, if spots or signs appear, to see a dermatologist.

Recent Campaigns

Check out the latest Verão Laranja campaigns conducted by the Oncoclínicas Group.

The ABCs of Skin Cancer

For this campaign, prevention tips were brought fundamental to the prevention of skin cancer such as attention to spots on the body, the importance of sunscreen, and the use of sunglasses.

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Orange Summer 2021

Which place would you really like to visit?

In this campaign, the goal was to remember something very important: it is only possible to travel and discover other destinations if we respect basic health care.

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Orange Summer 2020

Whatever your skin type, you need to protect yourself

This campaign alerted to the need for care for all skin types, demystifying the myth that darker skin does not need attention.

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Orange Summer 2019

Everything revolves around the sun, including your life

The goal of this campaign was to enjoy all the seasons of the year without neglecting skin care.

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Orange Summer 2018
Non-melanoma skin cancer

Non-melanoma skin cancer

Skin cancer has the highest incidence in the country. There are two types: melanoma, more aggressive, and non-melanoma. The main risk factor is sun exposure in childhood and adolescence, and the use of artificial tanning booths.
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