Beware of scams in hospitals, clinics and laboratories

Recently, the action of scammers has intensified, who come into contact with family members of patients admitted to hospitals, usually in intensive care units, asking that bank deposits be made for urgent tests or procedures that, supposedly, would not be covered by the health plan.

Scammers get in touch by phone and/or WhatsApp and provide bank details on behalf of third parties that are not related to the hospital – usually PIX.

Therefore, we reinforce some important prevention measures:

At no time are our patients contacted by phone, WhatsApp or any other communication application in order to request payments;
Dealing with any debts will be carried out, preferably, in person, and any amounts, when due, must be credited to a bank account owned by the unit, never from third parties.

In case of doubt, contact your unit through the official channels available on our website to confirm any request for information and/or payment.