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Patient's Rights and Duties

In view of the circumstances faced by patients with cancer, Brazilian legislation has provisions that help them go through the treatment and reintegration into the routine after discharge with more tranquility.
Patient’s Rights and Duties

Rights of the patient with cancer

Understanding better what your rights are, how to go about conquering them, and which laws guarantee them.

Understanding your rights

From the first symptoms to the treatment journey, through diagnosis and the definition of the best procedures for each case, cancer is a disease that can leave the patient fragile (both physically and psychologically) and have an impact on practical issues in his or her life and daily life.

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Constitutional right to health

During the treatment against cancer, concerns may arise about financial and practical issues related to the cure of the disease. The legislation guarantees rights such as free medication and, through SUS, breast reconstruction surgery, among others.

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Patient legal facilities

During the treatment, the patient wth cancer is entitled to legal benefits, such as free transportation, priorities in legal proceedings, and in some cases the Continuous Cash Benefit.

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To support your journey, there are several benefits granted by the public authorities to patients with cancer, such as exemptions in income tax, IPTU, IPVA, IOF, IPI, and ICMS.

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Tax Benefits

Labor Rights

Cancer is a disease that can keep workers away from their jobs, imposing a loss of income. For these cases, the legislation determines benefits such as withdrawal of FGTS and PIs/Pasep, sick pay, protection against discriminatory dismissal, among others.

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Check the contents of the booklet on Rights and Duties of patients.

Support material

Support material

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