Clinical Research

Clinical Research Benefits

Clinical Research Benefits include obtaining, using, studying, analyzing, and generating information for the safety and efficacy of drugs.

Clinical Research Benefits

By participating in clinical research, participants can either benefit directly or help develop benefits for subsequent generations of patients.

The patient benefits directly by receiving, on an experimental basis, a new therapy that has the potential to be more effective than those available on the market and that may have advantages over the standard treatment used for his or her type of cancer.

If the clinical research does not generate direct benefits to the patient, the data obtained in the studies can contribute to the creation of new knowledge and technologies that will later be applied with greater chances of success in people with the same disease.

The Clinical Research Program of the Oncoclínicas Group has been developed since 2018, and today has a centralized management and the participation of seven of its units in Brazil. They are strategically located in the country, with greater concentration in the southeast region (MG, SP and RJ) – which represents the highest density of patients.

Our Program is in constant expansion, with the expectation of adding other units, enabling a greater capillarity of service and distribution of studies.

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