Consent form

The Free and Informed Consent Form is the first step for the patient to be part of a study. In the document, the participant's consent is made explicit, in writing and with his/her signature and/or that of his/her guardian.

The Free and Informed Consent Term is the document that explains, in clear and precise language, all the procedures, advantages and disadvantages of being a research participant of a clinical trial. It is the first step for the patient to enter a study.

After talking to the doctor in charge of the study and clarifying all doubts regarding the informed consent, the patient is able to decide whether or not he/she is interested in participating in clinical research. Your decision must be safe, conscious and strictly personal, without pressure of any kind.

It is worth noting that, even after agreeing and signing the consent form, the patient can at any time withdraw from the research if they wish, without any personal loss. Termination is still possible if the physician judges that the patient is at risk, if the data collected after a period of time do not demonstrate benefits or even for administrative reasons, either on the part of the sponsor or the researcher.

It is the patient’s right to ask about all procedures and questions related to the research. It is the duty of the physician and/or researcher to clarify them.

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